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I sat down with several leaders in the field of entomophagy to discuss what kind of nutrients we're getting from eating insects and whether or not this is something that could be sustainable with an exponentially growing world population.

A video story about the Athens-Clarke County Vulture Festival in October 2018.

I covered the first-ever St. Patrick's Day festival in downtown Athens, Georgia in March 2019. The bars were able to stay open for Sunday, and the roads were blocked off for the festival.

This was a video story I did covering the Jolly Jubilee in December 2018. This is an event where people with special needs, children and adults alike, can come and enjoy Christmas activities and celebrations for the evening.

April Brown is the Chairwoman for the Libertarian Party of Athens. I spent several months chronicling her life and telling her story of maintaining a busy lifestyle and struggling with mental health.

This is a multimedia story I did with audio and photos in March 2019. I sat down with several men at Wagon Wheel restaurant in Dahlonega, Georgia for two mornings as they told stories and tales about their life.

This was a profile piece I did on Martin's Shoe Service in November 2018. This was my first multimedia photo assignment I had made while at the Grady School of Journalism.

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